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When It Comes To Crane Safety, We Put Our Big Foot Forwards.

Strong & Stable Outrigger Pads For Safe Crane Operation

The capsizing of cranes can cause a significant injury or even fatalities this can be as a result of an unstable surface, inappropriate crane mats or the use of no outrigger pad at all. Nylacast Big Foot Outrigger pads provide safe and stable support for a wide range of lifting equipment.

There’s No Compromise On Safety

To demonstrate the strength and recovery of Nylacast Big Foot in comparison to standard PE crane mats, two tests were conducted utilising 250mm x 50mm x 25mm for material under 3080N force.

Nylacast Big Foot®

Flexed 6.5mm under 3080N force

Material recovered instantly with significantly less deformation

Required 3.8 time the force (11,802N) to the flex 25mm of the PE500 material.

PE500 Pad

Flexed 25mm under 3080N force

Material remained curved and deformed

Material lost strength and shape as a result

Why Choose Nylacast?

    • Manufactured From Premium Cast Nylon.
    • Extremely Corrosion Resistant.
    • Site Proven.
    • Lightweight.
    • Wide Range Of Sizes.
    • Custom Engraving/Branding Available.

Equipment Applications: