After years of experience supplying automation products and services, we understand that a community focused, ethical practice works best for both our customers and us. Actively listening to our clients needs gives Tynic the ability to provide complex engineering assistance, whether it involves simply providing quality manufacturing, potentially including reverse engineering of mechanical parts, or engineering industrial turn-key specialized machinery. Our success has come from a desire to help our clients succeed. This translates to quality machining, welding, tooling and design, and a focus on integrity in our business relationships.

Automate with a 100% Australian owned company, Tynic Automation.

Engineering Snapshot: PTFE Teflon Component.

Engineering Consultation

From conception to completion, Tynic is an industry leader in technical manufacturing consultation and reverse engineering of components. Our in depth understanding of production, coupled with extensive practical experience provide complete and attentive service for customers, compared to our competitors ‘supplier only’ attitude.

Precision CNC Machining

Efficient, affordable and customer focused, Tynic’s experienced team utilizes innovative CNC technology to produce components of the highest quality. Multi-axis machinery drives the fabrication of complex technical parts, custom-made for our customers specifications.  Using industry leading mills and lathes, we engineer a vast range of materials. These specialized materials are sourced from industry leading suppliers, producing the required grade, hardness, chemical resistance and finish for all of our products.