Reverse Engineering: 3D Scanning Capabilities

Tynic Automation offers 3D scanning and modelling services to businesses Australia-wide. We are equipped with the latest in scanning technology, capable of supplying a vast range of on-demand industrial 3D scanning services to cater to your engineering requirements. 3D scanning creates a significant boost to your manufacturing efficiency. We currently work closely with global brands within the food, beverage, construction, mining and general manufacturing industries.

Tynic offers complete assistance throughout the reverse engineering pipeline, offering; scanning, modelling and machining at an affordable price! 

Engineering Tynic Automation



Tynic’s engineering team has decades of experience in the modelling componentry for industry. Our lead engineer has undertaken extensive 3D scanner training.

Machining Tynic Automation



Tynic possesses a fully equipped manufacturing warehouse in Brisbane QLD. Complete with 8 state-of-the-art CNC machines, Tynic manufactures components to minimal tolerances and excellent finishes.

Time Tynic Automation



Tynic is dedicated to meeting any project time constraint requirements. With Tynic locations in Queensland, SA and WA, dispatch is available Australia-wide.

Technical Specifications

Scan Speed: 30 fps ( 1,500,000 points )

Scan Accuracy: 0.04mm.

Volumetric Accuracy: 0.1mm +/- 0.3mm

Minimum Point Distance: 0.2mm

Outstanding Scan Performance.

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scanner Tynic Automation

Previous 3D Scanning Projects:

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