Engineering Plastics

Tynic is a materials & application pioneer in its field of engineering plastics


Tynic is at the technical forefront in its field of Graphite Importation

Conveyor Products

The Rexnord product line offers a wide range of chains and modular belts, curves, sprockets, idlers, bearing, with a comprehensive and versatile range of conveyor components to fit many applications


With state of the art design & engineering, Tynic Automation offers the complete package from conception, design, manufacture, through to commissioning and beyond

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Tynic is a materials & application pioneer in its field of engineering polymers, advanced composites and their specific uses. With support of state of the art design & engineering, Tynic offers the complete package from supply, conception through to commissioning and beyond.

Whilst only offering materials made available from the world’s leading manufacturers, Tynic offers you the customer the complete solution.

We believe in the age old philosophy, “There is no such thing as a great talent without great will-power.” At Tynic we only engage talented people with a will to deliver on time every time.

 Tynic News

Intralox Product Range

Established in 1971, Intralox is a global powerhouse in conveyance solutions, assisting with the production and movement of critical products. Often credited with the invention and first patent of plastic & rubber modular belting, Intralox is constantly innovating...

HDPE & PP In High Demand

After a significant increase in local demand for HDPE and Polypropylene, Tynic has partnered with ISOKON to increase our supply heading into the new year. One of the largest global suppliers of Engineering Plastics, ISOKON is renowned for premium materials at...

ISOTRACK Protection Mats & Ground Cover

Partnered with ISOKON, Tynic is a supplier of customisable ISOTrack L Series safety mats. With an incredible load bearing capacity of up to 80 tonnes, ISOTrack mats provide safe and temporary access to work areas as well as protection from soft ground, floods and hard...

Christmas Is Coming!

We know we're starting celebrations a little bit early, however, the Christmas period often presents a dramatic increase in demand for engineering jobs. As a result, it's important for our customers to place orders with increased notice to ensure we are able to adhere...

Unwinding Conveyor Screws

Tynic offers customizable transport and conveyor screws for food, beverage and agriculture applications. Primarily used for bulk material transport and packaging, conveyor screws significantly reduce component requirements due to a simple yet effective design.Screw...

Our Partners

Engineering Plastics

Tynic Engineering Plastics is a materials & application pioneer in its field of engineering plastics and their specific uses. Engineering plastics have gradually replaced traditional engineering materials such as wood’s and metals in many applications. Besides equaling or surpassing them in weight/strength and other properties, engineering plastics are much easier to manufacture, especially in complicated shapes.

Whilst only offering materials made available from the world’s leading manufacturers, Tynic Engineering Plastics offers the right advice when it comes to material selection.


Carbon & Graphite

With over 150 years of experience in the manufacturing of carbon and graphite products supplemented periodically with technological upgrades and innovations, Graphite COVA ranks among the most respected suppliers of graphite electrodes, speciality carbon and graphite products as well as performance enhancing coating technology for graphite electrodes.

Today, Graphite COVA is on the technological forefront of the chemicals-industrial sector. While the major part of the overall output is from graphite electrodes, Graphite COVA offers a unique type of coating for graphite electrodes, based on aluminium, graphite and other elements with potential savings in electrode consumption in the range of 15-25%.

Conveyor Products

Rexnord offer a full line of conveying solutions for every industry. With more than 120 years of experience, Rexnord’s team of highly skilled engineers and industry experts will help you find the right system. With 1,300 total products in the Rexnord conveyor component range, we have the conveying solutions you need to ensure your job runs smoothly.


Tynic’s Automation Division primarily focuses on providing quality manufacturing, including reverse engineering of mechanical parts, to engineering industrial turn-key specialised machinery. Our success has come from a dedication to helping our clients succeed. This means quality machining, welding, tooling and design, and a focus on integrity in our business relationships.