Flex Tarp Bows (PA66 CGT Rods)

Tynic Automation has been a trusted supplier of Flex Tarp Bows for the trucking & material handling industries for over a decade. Our Flex Tarp Bows are designed to provide the same reliability as a traditional roll tarp, but with the added benefit of being able to handle heavy loads with ease. Made from high-quality materials, Flex Tarp Bows are engineered to bend and flex when under stress, and then return to their original shape without any damage. This makes them ideal for use with heavy truck loads and other material handling machinery.

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Our Range

In addition to their superior load-bearing capacity, our Flex Tarp Bows also offer a number of other benefits that make them the preferred choice for many applications. For example, they are easy to install and operate, and can be quickly and easily rolled up or down as needed. They also provide excellent protection for cargo during transit, helping to prevent damage from the elements, road debris, and other hazards.

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Flex Tarp Bow Materials

Flex Tarp Bows are usually manufactured out of PA66 CGT rod. Alternate colours are available upon request such as: yellow, green, red and more. Please note, custom products require extended lead times. Key features of the extruded PA66 CGT include:

  • Temperature: -30°C to 80°C.
  • Good Sliding & Wear Properties.
  • Resistant to Oils, Greases, Diesel, Petrol & Cleaning Fluids.


Tynic Automation’s standard sizing for our Flex Tarp Bows is 2430mm long x 36mm in diameter, which is suitable for a wide range of trucks and trailers. These dimensions are carefully chosen to provide the optimal balance of flexibility and strength, ensuring that your cargo is protected while in transit.

Tynic Automation understands that not all trucks and trailers are created equal, which is why we offer custom sizes of our Flex Tarp Bows to fit the unique needs of our customers. Our team of experts can work with you to design and manufacture in a range of sizes and diameters to suit your specific requirements.

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