The Tynic Automation Advantage

Accurate identification of engineering plastics is crucial for effective reverse engineering of OEM components. At Tynic Automation, we employ a range of test methods to determine the grade of plastic, ensuring precision and cost-efficiency in our processes.

Tynic Automation’s identification techniques include:

  • Water Submersion Test: Differentiating plastics based on their density and buoyancy.
  • Burn Test: Observing flame color, melting behavior, and residue to distinguish between types.
  • Scratch Test: Assessing hardness and scratch resistance to classify the plastic.
  • Odour Analysis: Identifying unique smells produced during burning to pinpoint specific plastics.

By applying these methods, Tynic Automation can accurately identify and replicate OEM components. This allows us to offer high-quality reverse-engineered parts at a fraction of the cost and lead time compared to traditional methods.

Engineering Plastic / Thermosetting Identification Flow Chart

identifying plastics jpg scaled Tynic Automation
Tynic Automation