Stainless Steel Mesh Conveyor Belts

Tynic Automation, offers an extensive range of wire mesh conveyor belts, manufactured by Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO, an Italian company with over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of metal components. Mesh belting is available off the shelf and in customised designs with accompanying components based on market request.

Our range of wire mesh belts provides the optimal transport of products throughout industrial processing, including those with extreme critical operating conditions and temperatures between -150°C and 1150°C. Utilising data on the operating conditions, characteristics and dimensions of the products transported, Tynic has the best belt for every application.

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Straight Conveyor Belts

Curved Conveyor Belts

Slat Conveyor Belts

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Straight Belt

Straight conveyor belts are used in straight-line process equipment. These conveyor belts are used in many different sectors thanks to a wide range of geometries and materials.

Curved Belt

Side-Flexing belts are made of metal wire or flat wire. the special chain links at the edges guarantee flexibility of these belts in every direction, making them ideal for processes that have both straight and curved sections.

Side-Flexing belts are used mainly in the food industry, where they are installed on spiral towers and in straight tunnels for cooling, freezing, pasteurisation, proofing or cooking processes and are ideal for use also at low temperatures, down to -150°C.

Slat Belt

Costacurta’s Slat belt  is made of plates perforated according with the client’s specifications and connected using rods. The holes can have different shapes in accordance with the client’s technical drawings and needs. They are classified on the basis of the technical specifications of the plates; thickness, perforation, geometry and diameter of the holes, etc.

Conveyor Equipment

Conveyor Equipment includes straight or curved metal structures for lifting or offloading, complete with conveyor belt.


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