Food & Meat Industry Applications

Tynic is an approved Australian distributor of Rexnord products. Rexnord’s conveyor componentry is the food and meat industry standard, renowned for reliable and long-lasting conveying solutions. Common products applicable to the meat and food Industry include FDA approved material, TableTop and MatTop conveyor chains, replacement parts, conveyor curves and PTFE belting. Special FDA approved conveyor materials such as Dual Detectable optimise production and prevent product contamination. Furthermore, Acetal is perfect for bacteria control in the meat and food industry, as due to dense interwoven polymers, the plastic is unable to absorb harmful bacteria or moisture.

Additionally, Tynic offers the reverse engineering and manufacturing of OEM componentry.  Common reproduced parts include sprockets, wear strips, conveyor curves and general materials.

Tynic’s technical understanding of the manufacturing process allow us to provide complete engineering support, from conception to completion

MatTop & TableTop Chains

Conveyor Accessories

Profiles & Wear Strips

Dual-Detectable Material

MatTop & TableTop Chains

Rexnord’s FlatTop Conveyor Chains are leading edge solutions designed to prolong and improve productivity for customers in every application. With more than 120 years of experience, Rexnord offers the broadest selection of high quality chains, components, sprockets, and accessories available in the world. Our team of experienced application engineers and industry experts is committed to helping you select the ideal product for your applications.

Features & Benefits:

    • Engineered for a wide range of conveyor applications for many industries
    • Straight-running and side-flexing options for ease of installation, reduced floor space
    • Accommodate unique application environments with innovative surface options
    • Narrow TableTop Chain widths for multiple-strand and variable-speed conveyors
    • Continuous conveying surface for greater-width-requirement MatTop Chain applications
    • Assembled-to-width MatTop Chain configurations for custom sizes
    • Reduce container tipping and jams at transfer points
    • TableTop Chain for high-strength and high-speed applications
Conveyor Accessories

Rexnord offers a wide range of conveyor components to meet your application requirements. Whether you need chain guide, product handling, frame support, or balancing and supporting components, we have the parts to optimize your conveyor system. Our industry expertise and dedication to quality design standards ensure maximum reliability, extended system life and increased uptime.

Conveyor Accessories include:

      •  Sprockets
      • Bearings
      • Guides
      • Rollers
      • Bracketry
      • Handles
      • Adjustable Feet
Profiles & Wear Strips

Primarily made using UHMWPE, Tynic offers a wide and comprehensive range of profiles and wear strips. Thermoplastic chain guides and wear strips significantly reduce friction and static build up on conveyor lines. As a result, component lifespan can be significantly increased.

Dual-Detectable Material

Every year, millions of pounds of food product is recalled due to contamination from a foreign object. These public recalls cost processors millions in direct and indirect revenue losses. Unlike many detectable materials, Tynic’s Dual Detectable material can be picked up by both metal and x-ray machines. This is helpful not only from a cost perspective, but gives you two possible methods to detect belting particles in one material.

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