Construction Industry Applications

Tynic supplies a wide range of thermoplastic and engineering products applicable within the construction industry. Services appropriate for the building include the supply of construction frameworks, partitioning and architectural plastics. These plastics include HDPE, UHMWPE, Acetal, Nylon etc.

Tynic are experts in the reverse engineering of OEM componentry and sourcing engineering equipment. If there are particular parts or products that are not specifically mentioned on our website, don’t hesitate to get in contact and we will gladly help out. More specifically, Tynic’s specialised nylon rope sheaves offer superior performance than steel due to expanded lifespan and.

The capsizing of cranes and heavy machinery can potentially cause significant injury as a result of unstable surfaces, inappropriate crane mats or the use of no outrigger pad at all. Tynic, partnered with Nylacast, produce Big Foot Outrigger Pads, ensuring safe and stable support for a wide range of lifting equipment.

Engineering Plastics

The deciding factors for choosing engineering plastics are heavily dependent on its application. The following needs to be taken into consideration:

      •  Density (Weight)
      • Corrosion Resistance
      • Impact Resistance
      • Is it Physiologically Inert?
      • Sliding Abrasion Resistance
      • Co-Efficient of Friction
      • Temperature Resistance
      • Dielectric Strength
      • Weather Resistance
      • Affordability

For the application of construction, common plastics include HDPE, UHMWPE, Acetal, Nylon and Polyurethane. This is mainly due to the requirement for either affordability or impact strength. for more details including datasheets

See the Engineering Plastics Page for more details including datasheets.

Nylon Rope Sheaves

Tynic specialises in the machining of Nylon rope sheaves. Capable of producing sheaves with a diameter of up to 600mm, 4th axis machining has drastically improved Tynic’s capabilities and production time. Benefits of Nylon sheaves as opposed to steel include:

    • Longer estimated rope life.
    • Extended Sheave lifespan (approximately 3 times)
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Lower weight

Download the Tynic Sheave Manual for more information.

Bigfoot Outrigger Pads

No compromises should be made with respect to the safety of a construction or mining site. 75% of all crane stability issues stem from inadequate or improper operation of outriggers. Site proven over the last 15 years, Big Foot Outrigger pads are manufactured with premium cast Nylon. To demonstrate the superior strength of the Big Foot Pads, a comparison is shown below with standard PE Crane Pads:

huh scaled Tynic Automation

Typically Applicable Equipment:

4 Tynic Automation

Standard Sizing:

round Tynic Automation

Tynic Automation