ISOTRACK Ground Protection Mats

Partnered with Isotrack (a global leader in Engineering Plastic Production), Tynic is able to offer a customisable range of surface protection. No matter the complexity of your access requirements, Isotrack protection mats have the temporary road way solution for safe and temporary access to work areas as well as protection from soft ground, floods and hard surfaces.

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The Isotrack L ground protection mat is the lightweight edition of the Isotrack range. The L-Series provides safe, temporary access for work areas and protection over soft ground conditions and hard surfaces. Two person lift recommended for easy handling and installation.

The Isotrack H is the heavy duty model within the Isotrack range. Although it is less easy to install, the H-Series  offers improved weight bearing capacity, providing safe work areas over soft ground conditions and hard surfaces. Suitable for a wide range of applications and easy to install.

The Isotrack X Series is the ultimate heavy duty protection mat. Capable of operation within extreme weather conditions, the Isotrack X provides safe, temporary access across soft ground.

Safety & Performance

The Isotraction surface design is based on tyre traction research, independently tested to demonstrate superior grip for vehicles and walkways. As such, the mats successfully prevent vehicles from being bogged down – avoiding downtime and ground reinstatement costs. To test the effectiveness of the ISOTrack series, a fixed load was applied with a contact area of 540cm². The IsoTraction® nub design recorded up to 20% better results compared to our competitors within dry conditions and 50% better in wet/muddy conditions.

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  • Emergency Access
  • Temporary Road & Work Areas
  • Hard/Soft Landscaping
  • Sports Facilities & Recreational Grounds
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Utilities
  • Construction/Civil Engineerings
  • Drilling/Mining
  • Transmission
  • Events
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