821 Series: Double Hinge Straight Running Chain


Pitch: 1.5″ (38.1mm)

Thickness: 4.8mm (0.189″)

Hinge: 136.5mm (5.374″)

Reinforced Top Plate

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MaterialWidth (mm)Width (inch)Plate Thickness (mm)Plate Thickness (inch)Working Load (N)Working Load (lbs)Weight (kg/m)Weight (lbs/ft)
UP Acetal (POM)190.57.504.80.1927506182.481.67
UP Acetal (POM)
UP Acetal (POM)304.812.004.80.1927506183.162.12
Kevlar Reinforced Acetal (DK2)190.57.504.80.1927506182.471.66

Please Note: Part Numbers can be found within the Regina Technical Datasheet. 

UP Dark Brown Tynic AutomationUltra-Performance Acetal (POM)Ultra-performance special acetal resin is particularly suitable for applications where low coefficient of friction and contained dusting are needed.
kevlar Tynic AutomationSpecial Kevlar Reinforced Acetal (DK2)A next generation material, Acetal resin reinforced with kevlar was developed by REGINA. This material is able to reach the lowest coefficient of friction with maximum wear resistance. Thanks to the superior material qualities, the usage of lubricants can be drastically reduced or eliminated without losing performance in conveyor applications.
ass Tynic AutomationAustenitic Stainless Steel  (Pin Material)Cr-Ni austenitic cold rolled stainless steel.
It guarantees the best corrosion resistance to withstand chemical attack.
It offers very good wear resistance, due to work hardening and homogeneous chemical structure.

p821 Drawing Tynic Automation

Sprockets For 821 Series Chain

820s sprocket Tynic Automation

Available: Moulded/Machined, Drive/Idle, Multiple Bore Sizes & Various Teeth Quantities.

See Regina Technical Datasheets.

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