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Acetal (POM) Gears

Tynic Automation recently produced a set of complex gear wheels for the meat industry. With a required turnaround of 72 hours, Tynic was able to model, machine and deliver the components, preventing a possible manufacturing line shutdown.

Reverse Engineering

Tynic Automation was tasked with the reproduction of a worn acetal component that had been discontinued by an overseas OEM. Halving the cost of the original component, Tynic was able to perfectly manufacture the part in our Brisbane (QLD) workshop.

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Split Conveyor Sprockets

As part of our expanding conveyor products range, Tynic Automation produce Nylon (PA) and Acetal (POM) sprockets for industry.
Categories include:
• Split & Solid.
• Drive & Idle.
• Machined & Moulded.

Mass Component Production

Tynic is capable of cost effectively mass produce plastic componentry for industry. In comparison to moulding and thermoforming, Tynic’s CNC machining preserves materials mechanical properties and produces excellent finishes.

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