Conveyor Belts

Tynic’s range of steel and thermoplastic conveyor belts are engineered to satisfy a wide range of conveyor applications for industry. A large selection of straight running, side-flexing and gripping chains are designed to run flawlessly even in the most demanding environments.
Our product range includes conveyor chain, modular belt, sprockets, bearings, corner tracks and more!

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Stainless Steek Mesh Belts

Tynic Automation offers an extensive range of wire mesh conveyor belts, manufactured by Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO, an Italian manufacturer with over 100 years of industry experience.
Our range of wire mesh belts provides the optimal transport of products throughout industrial processing, including those with extreme critical operating conditions and temperatures between -150°C and 1150°C. Utilising data on the operating conditions, characteristics and dimensions of the products transported, Tynic has the best belt for every application.

Annealing Lehr Belts

Partnered with Lane Wire Belts, Tynic design and manufacture the highest quality lehr conveyor belts – used worldwide for annealing and decorating of glass containers.
Expertly manufactured to ensure smooth running characteristics for product stability and with flat spirals for minimum stretch.
All of our lehr belts can be produced with either flat or round wire profiles and are often over 5 metres wide.

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PTFE Belting

PTFE fabrics, or heat sealing fabrics, consist of a woven fibreglass and are coated with a PTFE resin. They are extremely resistant to high temperatures, contain outstanding electrical properties, have excellent release surfaces and superior chemical resistance.
Partnered with Taconic, Tynic offers a wide variety of fabrics such as PTFE Adhesive Tapes, PTFE Coated Fabric Belt, Silicone Fabric Belt, Silicone Rubber Coated Fabrics & Architectural Fabrics.

Production Audits

Tynic Automation now provide complimentary onsite conveyor line audits for new and existing clients.
Primarily, our auditing system works to identify, catalogue and improve the efficiency of any belt, sprocket, profile or curve within the production line.
Save time and money by enlisting Tynic Automation to complete an onsite audit today!

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