Tynic Automation is pleased to offer 3M ScotchPLY™ for distribution to the Australian market. ScotchPLY™ is composed of a glass fibre reinforcement infused with a thermoset epoxy resin matrix.

GFRP ScotchPLY™ Material

Glass fibre-reinforced polymer (GFRP) is known for its strength and durability, mitigates notching and shear stress within ScotchPLY™ leaf springs. This material boasts impressive electrical properties and maintains its mechanical robustness even at elevated temperatures.

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ScotchPLY™ Yellow

The standard material from Tynic Automation for leaf springs! Advantages over spring steel include: larger specific spring effect, high internal damping and more balanced spring behaviour with several times higher elastic energy storage capacity.

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ScotchPLY™ Vibratory Mounts & Leaf Springs

ScotchPly™ vibratory mounts and leaf springs consist of layered and compressed UD (unidirectional) prepreg plies. The mechanical properties of an ScotchPly™ leaf spring may be adapted to customer requirements and application during production by orienting individual prepreg layers to each other.

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