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Tynic’s New Cutting Capabilities: ∅ 320 Automatic Drop Saw

Tynic Automation is now capable of cutting material rod and tube up to a diameter of ∅ 320mm. By increasing our cutting capabilities, we can now provide a wider range of cost-effective products that meet our customers’ specific needs.

The automatic material feed feature of the drop saw allows for more efficient and accurate cutting of material feed feature of the drip saw allows for more efficient and accurate cutting of materials. This feature enables the saw to automatically advance the material after each cut.

Thanks to substantial growth, Tynic is always looking to improve our technical capabilities in an effort to provide a complete and cost-effective product range to our valued customers.

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Natural Nylon Conveyor Scroll

For a valued customer in the beverage industry, Tynic modelled and constructed a full conveyor scroll assembly. The customer was able to drastically reduce the price of the OEM component while improving material quality and performance.

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Complex Acetal Componentry

With the use of our advanced 3D scanning technology and modelling software, Tynic manufactures complex components for the food, beverage and agricultural industries. Acetal (POM C) provides a robust and cost-effective replacement for steel in the food and beverage industry.

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