Throughout Tynic’s business journey, there are those few people that are worth their weight in gold. Last week we had the honour of farewelling one of those people as he began the next step of his career, re-joining the RAAF.
On behalf of the team at Tynic we would like to thank and wish luck to our very own Marc Guilfoyle during his semi-retirement! You are welcome back any time!

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Bending Engineering Plastics

Tynic Automation are highly skilled in the bending and restructuring of engineering plastics for conveyor applications.

A valued customer recently tasked Tynic with the construction of a unique UHWMPE conveyor guide rail. With a thickness of 30mm, the plastic bending process can be fickle.

Due to the hard work and dilligenc of our engineering team, the conveyor guide rail was kept within a minimal tolerance and maintained its full mechanical properties.

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PEEK Bushes

Tynic Automation recently mass produced a large quantity of Polyetheretherketone bushes for a valued client.

PEEK has the best all round mechanical properties with excellent impact, wear, electrical, temperature and chemical resistance.

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