Engineering Plastics in the mining industry, when applied correctly, can provide vastly superior performance over traditional steels, brass and bronze materials. Tynic’s team of technical experts can provide comprehensive engineering support from conception through to completion.

SuperGrip™ Polyurethane

Urethane’s unique ability to resist impingement, improve noise abatement and dampen vibration make it an ideal solution for demanding mining applications. Tynic’s ultra-abrasion resistant compounds can reduce down time, protect metal components and provide chemical resistance.

Partnered with Tynic, Supergrip™ utilises mould tooling and CNC machinery offering quick turnarounds on standard and bespoke products. Products include cable protection equipment, clamping systems, pipeline isolation plugs, repair systems, sealing systems and more.

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Bushes and Bearings

Affordable and versatile, thermoplastic bushings/bearing are corrosion and impact resistant. Additionally, some plastics have self-lubricating properties, lowering grease consumption. Production of bushing to customised dimensions is fast and cost-effective when compared to other engineering materials.

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Truck Bed Linings 

Utilising UHMWPE material, thermoplastic truck bed linings protect the interior of a haul trucks from abrasive material storage. Providing a low co-efficient of friction, UHMWPE maintains excellent abrasion resistance within harsh environments.

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Plastic Sheet and Rod

The most popular plastic materials for the mining industry include HDPE, Polycarbonate, PVC and UHMWPE. Strong, versatile, wear-resistant, impact resistant, lightweight, durable: these are all characteristics of the plastics used within mining applications.

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