Tynic Automation is proud to present multiple new features on our website. New pages include Tynic’s Material Selector, Machining Guide, detailed Conveyor Product pages and a; Profile, Guide and Wear Strips page.

Tynic’s Material Selection Guide:

Tynic’s new material selector streamlines the selection process for Engineering Plastics. Quickly compile a list of required characteristics and see only materials that match, saving time and simplifying the selection process for those with limited knowledge.

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material selector Tynic Automation

Tynic’s Material Machining Guide:

The machining guide section on your websitie offers a comprehensive overview of best practives for machining engineering plastics. Ideal for those with limited knowledge, the guide covers important topics such as ease of machining, appropriate tooling, recommended coolants, drilling techniques, and trobleshooting guides.

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machining guide Tynic Automation

Tynic’s Conveyor Range:

As the Australian distributor for REgina products, Tynic Automation supplies a large range of conveyors for industry. The most commonly used Table Top and Modular Belts are listed on our website, including information such as drawings, codes, materials and sprokets.

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reg steel conveyor Tynic Automation

Tynic’s Profiles, Guide Rails & Wear Strips Range: 

As the Australian distributor of TeCom Technology Components, Tynic Automation offers a complete range of chain guide profiles, rails and wear strips. Our website provides in-depth information, including drawings, codes, materials, and STP files, to support customers’ selection process.

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profiles rails Tynic Automation
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