The capsizing of cranes and heavy machinery can potentially cause significant injury as a result of unstable surfaces, inappropriate crane mats or the use of no outrigger pad at all. Tynic, partnered with Nylacast, produce Big Foot Outrigger Pads, ensuring safe and stable support for a wide range of lifting equipment.

Why Choose Big Foot Outrigger Pads?
No compromises should be made with respect to the safety of a construction or mining site. 75% of all crane stability issues stem from inadequate or improper operation of outriggers. Site proven over the last 15 years, Big Foot Outrigger pads are manufactured with premium cast Nylon. To demonstrate the superior strength of the Big Foot Pads, a comparison is shown below with standard PE Crane Pads:

huh scaled Tynic Automation

Typically Applicable Equipment:

4 Tynic Automation

Customizable Features:

The Big Foot Outrigger Pads are fully customizable, offering custom machined sizes, gripper plate options, alternative colours and engraving/branding available.

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Standard Sizing:

round Tynic Automation
Tynic Automation