Tynic Automation is excited to launch our new SafeGuard UV2™ product range. SafeGuard UV2™ Polycarbonate sheets (2440 x 1220mm) are available in standard thicknesses of 1, 3, 4.5, 6 and 9.5mm. Contact Tynic’s sales team for an updated price list.

SafeGuard UV2™ Polycarbonate Range

SafeGuard UV2™ is a Polycarbonate (PC) sheet with high optical clarity (89% light transmittance) that contains a 50 µm layer of UV protection on both sides making it a great choice for outdoor applications. SafeGuard UV2™ is 250 times more impact resistance than glass and ideal for applications such as industrial glazing, sound barriers, machine guards, protective barriers, and automotive accessories.

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Machine Guards

Machine guards provide a physical barrier of protection to isolate the hazard.  This minimises the exposure to dangerous areas of machinery and can control machine hazards.

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Sound Barriers

Acoustic sound barriers are the most effective way to reduce highway, railway, and industrial noise, without changing the noise source itself. 

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Protective Barriers

Polycarbonate vehicle protective barriers are transparent shields that are installed in  vehicles to protect drivers and passengers from external threats such as flying debris.

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