Tynic offers customizable transport and conveyor screws for food, beverage and agriculture applications. Primarily used for bulk material transport and packaging, conveyor screws significantly reduce component requirements due to a simple yet effective design.

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Screw conveyors feature easy to control variable speeds, sanitation and customizable designs to fit the needs of a variety of food and beverage manufacturers. Depending on the facility and the specific product you’re handling, the type of screw conveyor we’d recommend may vary.

Why Plastic? Engineering Plastic conveyor screws provide a light weight and more affordable alternative to traditional engineering materials. Acetal conveyor screws also provide superior abrasion resistance, high machinability, corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand and endure extreme temperatures.

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Beverage Industry – Screw conveyors within the beverage industry commonly complete tasks such as separating, turning/grouping and two to one strand bottling.
See conveyor screws in action within the beverage industry below.

Food Industry – Screw conveyors within the food industry complete tasks such as grouping, dosing and conveying of powders.
See conveyor screws in action within the food industry below.

Agricultural Industry – Screw conveyors are used extensively in low-cost conveying solutions. Commonly called augers, their efficiencies, durabilities and effects on product can vary widely. The primary use of augers within the agriculture industry is for the handling and distribution of grain and harvested products.
See conveyor screws in action within the food industry below.

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